AMCE TRIP Award Winner

hato Mokgoko reflects on her career journey at AM Consulting Engineers from Assistant Project Manager, to Project Manager and TRIP recognition

Thato explains that her journey and growth at AMCE has been nothing short of interesting. “I started working at AMCE in 2015 as an Assistant Project Manager under the Integrated Marketing & Communications for Tshwane Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). Today I am a Project Manager, Marketing & Communications in the City of Polokwane BRT.”

Thato says nothing could have prepared her for working on a system like the BRT. But thanks to living AMCE TRIP values which stand for Teamwork, Respect, Innovation and Professionalism, it was not hard to learn and excel in her job.

“I had to seek mentorship from my co-workers because this was a new industry for me. Teamwork never failed anyone. I understand that as you go along you will make mistakes, learn from them and move forward. You hold the key to personal growth,” she explains.

When AMCE held its annual year-end (Christmas) party and first award giving ceremony, Thato’s name was among those announced. She won AMCE’s TRIP award, where staff had to vote for a colleague that lived and represented the TRIP values in their daily work.

“I voted for someone but little did I know that I would be the recipient of the award. The first thing that came to my mind was that my AMCE Family believed in me. I am really humbled by the whole experience. The award comes with a lot of responsibilities.”

“It is encouraging to find out that there is something good that other people see in you that you might not see in yourself. I unapologetically stand for integrity and for me it sums up what TRIP stands for and brings the acronym to life which is Teamwork, Respect, Innovation and Professionalism. One must be true to themselves, to the company they represent and other people around them. Be an ambassador! “Thato vowed to continue living the AM Invest Group values and reminding herself that it is possible. She had this advice to share: “Work smart and not hard! Positive energy is equal to positive results.” Not forgetting to thank colleagues who voted for her. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”