Meet Linda Cele, Our CEO

What was meant to be a visit to a career exhibition, became the launch of Linda Cele’s engineering career. Now, with over 15 years of experience in the engineering field, Linda is at the helm of AM Consulting Engineers (AMCE), a 100% black South African owned company.

Linda has big aspirations for the company and its staff complement of more than 80 employees. “I see AMCE scaling up beyond the borders of South Africa, providing economically savvy solutions within the built environment. I foresee AMCE being a proudly South African Ambassador, outside our boarders – a recognized and established go-to company within the built environment.”

Two-years into the job as CEO, Linda knows just how to get AMCE where he wants it to be. “A good company culture is that which is founded and driven by clearly defined core values. AMCE is such a company, with our TRIP values (Teamwork, Respect, Innovation, and Professionalism) being the backbone of our company.” He added: “Our culture is one of family, we care about our people, and they, in turn, care about our business. This environment fosters passion, excellence and staff retention, which ultimately is visible in our bottom line.”

Linda believes that a good company culture makes for a happy and productive employees. “A good company culture is key to employee happiness, productivity, and staff retention. As the CEO, I strive to embody the TRIP values and pass this on to all employees, treating each other with Respect, ensuring Teamwork within the company, encouraging new ideas (at all levels) to promote Innovation, and lastly to carry the AMCE brand professionally at all times.”

Linda joined AMCE in 2014 and headed the electrical division before his appointment as CEO in 2018. Linda is a professionally registered engineer and his competency spans across engineering design of electrical infrastructure systems, project costing, construction management, project risk analyses and presenting technical papers, with an additional passion for efficiency systems development within the organization.

Linda started as a traction substation engineer at the tender age of 23 – fresh out of university. Here, he gained experience in both AC and DC traction systems. Following this, Linda gained experience in multi-disciplinary infrastructure project management, project structuring and costing and electrical systems design.

Propelled by his passion for systems optimization and business analytics as well as his focus on internal staff development – Linda has grown from an Engineer to Manager and finally to his current position as CEO of AMCE.