Working From Home?

Nkgadi Tyson Malete

Adapting to a new routine takes time. One has to keep trying and trying until they find something that really works for them. Most of South Africa’s working class had to adapt to new ways of working when the country went into a National lockdown in efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19.

But, it’s not everyone who has built a routine that’s working for them. AMCE’s Transport Economist and Rising Star Award winner, Nkgadi Tyson Malete, like many others had to adapt and he seems to be winning.

He shares some tips on how he has been managing to work from home during the lockdown. “Covid-19 affected the entire world and has so far forced people and companies to adapt to different ways of doing things. It was difficult to adjust and learn to work from home.” He said: “If you don’t wake up early, you’ll not be able to catch up with work of the day.”

Nkgadi said he told himself that he needed to stay focused and still feel like he is in the office. “I enjoy working from home because I’m more productive given the circumstances”.

However, everyday feels like a weekend and he lacks some of the resources and tools he has while at the office. But, he has managed to make the most.

Here’s Nkgadi’s tips. Hope they can work for you too or get you off to a new start.

Don’t change your sleeping patterns (sleep early).
Don’t change your morning routine (I exercise before taking a bath).
Don’t change your eating patterns (Keep your mind active and focused).
Put together a programme so that you keep track of your work.
Don’t feel disconnected and isolated (Stay connected with your team members).

Good Luck!