AMCE Undergoes A Brand Refresh!

Alicia Mitchelson

Let’s face it, people evolve and so do brands. We have grown as a company and diversified our services over the years. We continue to evolve so that we stay relevant to our people and our current and future clients.

AM Invest’s Marketing Group Head and AMCE’s Brand Ambassador, Alicia Mitchelson had a lot to say about the brand refresh we have undergone and what it means for our people, current and future clients.

Alicia is not new to working with brands. She has worked with well-known brands that exercise the culture of “living their brands”. Alicia explains that it was at those companies that she learned not only the high value and equity of those brands but the genius in building brand passion.

“Yes, I am the designated ambassador for the AMCE brand, but fortunately I share this with all the phenomenal people at AMCE. We are all proud of our brand, we strive to live its values, and share in its culture.” She added: “AMCE has grown and diversified its services, and our brand needed to reflect the current AMCE. Our portfolio of services, and our organic growth made it essential for us to position the brand to reflect our offerings and make it relevant to our current and future clients.”

“We recognize that none of this was and is possible without our people, and our refreshed brand celebrates that, and reminds everyone that together we are all striving to achieve our core objective to grow our footprint in South Africa and beyond its borders.” Speaking about the updated visual language, Alicia said the visual language has changed to a collection of dots that represent “community”.

“As we celebrate our community of AMCE people, we also celebrate the communities that we have delivered services to such as public transport, electrification, providing water, building schools, and so much more,” said Alicia. She further explained that the collection of dots are fluid and form beautiful patterns that represent endless possibilities. “Our icon is lighter and fresher with fewer gradients and we are confident that these are elements that legacy brands are made of.”