It’s Youth Month… AMCE’s Young Professionals’ Speak Out

Mamokete Mofokeng

Ms, Mamokete Mofokeng

Candidate Engineer,
BEng Civil Engineering

“As a Junior Engineer, I am learning and mastering one skill at a time, allowing myself to be trainable and to become an asset to the company by changing our country one project at a time.”

Fate had other plans for Mamokete when she was spotted on-site, at one of AMCE’s big projects. Today, 11-months later, in August 2019, after joining the organization, Mamokete has not looked back. She has big dreams for her future and the organization. “I see myself as a Professionally Registered Senior Engineer leading big projects, not just in South Africa but also across the borders as I foresee AMCE crossing borders soon.”

Mamokete said she loves AMCE because it supports its employees in developing themselves and their careers. “As a graduate who is still to decide which Civil Engineering subdivision to specialize in, the company is giving me broad exposure to enable me to conclude on the path I wish to take. There is huge room for growth within the company and it’s a pleasure to work for a company that is growing as it keeps yourself abreast of the new and recent developments in the industry. I love working with Professionals that I am constantly learning from, receiving mentorship, and who also push me to take on new challenging opportunities as they arise.”

As a candidate Engineer, Mamokete explained what her job entails. “My work includes designing structural elements such as beams, columns and foundations, preparation of technical drawings and reports. I also coordinate with professional team members to ensure that all project deadlines are achieved on time and to the client’s satisfaction.”

Mamokete had this to say, encouraging South African youth, “as the youth of South Africa it is entirely up to us to utilize the opportunities paved for us by those who have sacrificed themselves for our freedom. We should keep developing ourselves and never stop learning, as Albert Einstein once said: “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

Prince Madonsela

Mr, Prince Madonsela

Assistant Resident Engineer

“My approach is and has always been setting out career goals which on an advantage side, are always in line with the company’s core business services. What I am doing currently is, I am pursuing a postgraduate Diploma in Project Management.”

Prince Madonsela’s passion is to become a successful Project Manager who possesses Civil Engineering expertise. Being the go-getter he is, Prince sets achievable goals to ensure that his goal is not just a dream but is achieved.

“My approach is and has always been setting out career goals which on an advantage side, are always in line with the company’s core business services. What I am doing currently is, I am pursuing a postgraduate Diploma in Project Management. Currently reading through the ESCA professional registration guidelines and what is expected from me as a candidate. I have also identified a role model within the company who in my view represents exactly what I want to be in the near future and even more.”

Prince said in his attempt to contribute to the country, he believes that equipping and updating himself with necessary industry information will enable him to have better views and inputs in tackling issues relating to the country’s infrastructure, social issues, development issues, etc.

Ms, Yankho T. Banda
Traffic and Transport Engineer
BSc.Eng Civil, Candidate Engineer, AMSAICE

“What I am doing today to build the future of our company and country is by actively participating in various industry activities as a change-maker and future leader.”

Yankho is encouraged by the words of the late Kofi Annan when he said, “You are never too young to lead, and you should never doubt your capacity to triumph where others have not.” The Traffic and Transport Engineer lives by this quote as she continuously strives to be a better engineer for our clients, “the EBE industry and society through continuous professional development as well as on the job training.”

“I am also passionate about empowering young professionals and nurturing young leadership by sharing some of my professional and personal experiences. By volunteering at associations such as CESA YPF and SAICE, I am afforded the opportunity to coach/mentor students as well as to engage with like-minded young professionals locally and in other African countries.”

Yankho said these platforms allow her to showcase AMCE, its expertise as she gets to network with various industry professionals.

Keitumetse Molebatsi

Keitumetse Molebatsi
Transport Economist
BCom Logistics (Hons)

“As a young professional, I am continuously developing myself professionally to efficiently complete deliverables and meet targets. This aids the company towards the company’s “Professionalism” value which we offer our clients.”

Keitumetse, now a permanent employee started as an intern, 2-years-ago, in September 2018. Speaking about her journey at AMCE, Keitumetse said she majored in transport economics at University.

“So, interning as a transport economist was a big step for me. My work included working on public transport surveys (data analysis), reviewing and updating public transport policies, and conducting traffic counts.”

Keitumetse said the opportunity she was given afforded her a big learning path and growth. “I was offered a permanent position after my 12-month internship contract ended, and I was very grateful to continue learning. My highlight thus far is being part of the Project Management Unit (PMU) of a BRT system, particularly the intense planning, and implementation that goes towards operationalization.”