Magazine Feature: Tshwane Automotive Strategic Economic Zone


The TASEZ programme is a collaborative partnership between the Ford Motor Company and the Department of Trade of Industry which encompass the American motor giant investing into a new manufacturing plant, east of Pretoria.

Tasez project

The public private partnership is a beacon and symbol of what can be achieved between government and the private sector in stimulating the economy, creating jobs, and providing much needed investment into infrastructure development, skills development, and technology enhancement.

AMCE was appointed as the lead electrical engineers on the Ford Frame building by Coega Development Corporation (CDC) who are the implementing agent.

We are also appointed as the lead mechanical engineers on the supporting clusters. The Ford Frame project is the key catalyst driver of the SEZ but it has also incorporated significant investment from other key supporting firms within the value chain development of the manufacturing plant.

We brought in our expertise in managing large projects as a value add to the client. Our substation design experience and distribution experience stood us in good stead in the project. The ability of our engineering team to quickly adapt to demands of various projects also helped a great deal.

Our design process incorporated the following:

  • Bulk electrical infrastructure 11kV medium voltage substation consisting of 2x incomer panels, 5x transformer feeder panels, 1x bus-section and a single spare feeder panel and 600m of 240mm² x 3C copper XLPE 6.35/11 kV cable
  • Distribution transformers 4x 3.15 MVA 11/0.4 kV dry type transformers, 1x 315 kVA 11/0.4 kV dry type transformer
  • LV panels 3x Low Voltage Panels; 1x Synchronization Panel
  • Busbar trunking 150m of 5000A rated cast in resin type busbar; 5km of 1600A rated sandwich type busbar ; 400m of 3200A rated sandwich type busbar ; 300m of 2000A sandwich type busbar
  • Busbar tap-offs Over 400 busbar plugs or tap-off points
  • Generators 4x 550 kVA emergency back-up generators for the welding robots, emergency lighting and electronic equipment ; 1x 200 kVA emergency back-up generator for mechanical equipment in the lower ground
  • UPS 4x 500 kVA for the welding robots, emergency lighting and electronic equipment
  • Lighting & earthing protection Earth mat and air-termination system for the entire facility
  • Lighting Indoor and external lighting
  • Small power Socket outlets, power points and distribution boards
  • ICT This was limited to first fix only